Where I've been, who have I become


2015 - Current
Dapper Penguin Studios

Founder, CEO and Lead Designer

As a skilled and experienced game designer with a proven track record of success in leading and developing award-winning PC games with over 500.000 premium players and grossing over $3 million, I’m capable of managing projects, teams, and publishers, while executing complex design tasks. With a demonstrated ability to effectively manage a fully remote team of up to 18 people from diverse backgrounds, I ensure seamless collaboration and project success.


Game Designer

Driven by an unwavering passion for crafting immersive and engaging game experiences, I focused on designing and balancing innovative gameplay mechanics and systems. Always have been actively seeking opportunities to expand my skillset by learning more about managing remote teams and ensuring that tasks align seamlessly with game design specifications.


Subject Matter Specialist

With a dedication to excellence and a relentless pursuit of results, I brought a passion for learning and a genuine desire to excel. My experiences have equipped me with the ability to contribute meaningfully to departmental goals, prioritize tasks in high-pressure situations, and manage complex procedures. Also focused on expanding my knowledge to communicate technical concepts clearly and concisely, bridging the gap between technical and non-technical audiences. 

T-Systems - AirBus

Technical Support + Java / SAP Developer

As a meticulous and tech-savvy IT professional, showed a comprehensive skillset that encompasses monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks, resolving hardware/software faults, and supporting the rollout of applications.

Blizzard Entertainment - Pyro Studios

SQA Lead + L2 Technical Agent

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for technological advancements, focused on testing and evaluating cutting-edge technologies for various gaming projects. I excelled in both white-box and black-box testing methodologies, effectively identifying and tracking bugs to maintain the highest standards of game quality. 


St John's Central College

“Multimedia and Software Design” Diploma

Modelling (3DMax, Blender), Sketching (Photoshop), C#, JavaScript

Pitman Training

Distinction in “Team and Business Management” Diploma

Business Structure and Law, Time Management, Profiles and Plans 


Experience leading projects and development studios.

Focus on Systems and Mechanics Design.

Ability to combine a creative and technical background with sound people skills.

Understanding of what makes games fun and how to deliver them to different audiences.

Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Coding Skills


Unreal Engine 4

Jira + GitLab/GitHub

C# + JS

3DMax + Blender

Photoshop + Lightroom


English: Native
Spanish: Native
Italian: Native